OM4: Management of health in organizations

Module Description:


In this module, students learn to manage work and health activities and define key health indicators.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Select and implement an absence and case management system
  • Design and implement a health campaign/event to foster individual health behavior change
  • Evaluate and select external providers of health promotion programs
  • Write a health report for an organization
  • Integrate organizational health as a central value in the culture of an organization


  • Management of absences, presenteeism
  • Case management, return-to-work protocols
  • Approaches to changing individual health behavior, health promotion campaigns
  • Quality criteria, success factors and sources for health campaigns
  • Stress management approaches 
  • Development of health-related mission statements
  • Outline and elements of a health report for an organization
  • Management of an occupational health service

Dates and location

18–21 September 2017 in Zurich

Registration Deadline

2 July 2017


CHF 2,720.–