C1: Introduction to the field of work and health

Module Description


Become acquainted with the class, program road map, and work and health issues from different perspectives.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Contribute actively to the learning process and use the learning platform
  • Distinguish levels of analysis and perspectives of various work and health disciplines
  • Analyze the concepts of health, individuals, work, and organizations in a historical, societal, and epistemological context
  • Define work and health problems drawing on an interdisciplinary approach
  • Describe the network of actors in the field of work and health


  • Introduction to DAS Work+Health
  • Structure, goals, and learning principles of the interdisciplinary study program
  • History of the field and evolution of key concepts such as health and work
  • Theories of society (stability vs. change) and paradigms of science
  • Different levels of observation and action: MTO (individuals, technology, organization), society, law, politics
  • Definition of problem, system, boundaries of the system according to different disciplines (medicine, psychology, sociology, engineering, etc.)
  • Role of different actors and professions in the field of work and health
  • Health as a multidimensional concept (physical, mental, social health)
  • Models of health and diseases

Dates and location

10.02. – 12.2.2020 (Zurich)


Included in the DAS Work+Health fee