C2: Determinants of occupational diseases and work-related health problems

Module Description:


Occupational diseases have a wide variety of phenotypes and sometimes only become apparent several decades after actual exposure. In other cases, the association between work-related exposure and the development of clinical symptoms and diseases is not obvious at first glance. In this module, students learn to identify and describe the evidence and relevance of work-caused and work-associated health problems. They also acquire the skills necessary to find and analyze the relevant literature concerning occupational health problems.Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Understand the main determinants of occupational and work-related diseases as well as the individual and organizational health resources

• Conduct effective literature research and identify the relevant publications

• Describe evidence of an occupational health problem in terms of frequency and relevance across populations

• Write a simple review


• Occupational health problem classification

• Risk and resource approach

• Concept of causality

• Research and study design

• Epidemiology of selected occupational health problems• Literature search, quality of studies, systematic review

Dates and location

16.–19.3.2020 (Lausanne)

Registration Deadline

10 February 2020


CHF 2 720.–