C4: Human factors and ergonomics

Module Description:


The field of workplace ergonomics evaluates the characteristics of human beings, their resources, and demands in respect of their working tasks, working environment, and working organization. The field further aims to evaluate work-associated risk factors and possible health hazards. It fosters healthy workspaces, e.g. through developing and optimizing human-machine interfaces, enhancing the usability of tools, and eliminating obstacles in working systems.Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Understand and apply main human physiological and psychological functioning and limitations

• Analyze work tasks, tools, and working environments

• Assess ergonomic risk factors at work in standard situations

• Evaluate individual balances of work demands and resource


• Introduction to work physiology

• Ergonomic assessment tools and checklists

• Concepts of hazard, health risk, health resource, stress and strain

• Practical training in ergonomic risk assessment

• Introduction to design of work and working environmen

Dates and location

31 August – 2 September 2020 in Zurich

and 30 Ocobter 2020

Registration Deadline

30 June 2020


CHF 2,720.–