C7: Occupational health interventions

Module Description:


After evaluating the major social and organizational sources of health problems, students will design, implement, and evaluate effective interventions as a continuous change process.Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Evaluate the overall evidence on the effectiveness of specific interventions

• Access, analyze, and evaluate the methodological quality of publications

• Clarify value base and define goals of an intervention with key stakeholders

• Select or design occupational health interventions

• Plan participatory implementation of occupational health intervention


• Scientific evidence on the effectiveness of interventions and relevant publication formats; article critique

• Overview of intervention strategies, intervention principles, and levels of change applied by key occupational health disciplines

• Participatory priority setting, action planning, and reflection of values in interventions• Aims and implementation of health circle approach

• Individual change principles and key principles of linking individual and organizational change

• Planning models and success factors of occupational health interventions

Dates and location

1– 4 February 2021 in Zurich

Registration Deadline

7 December 2020


CHF 2,720.–