C8: Targeted communication in the context of work and health

Module Description:


Familiarize yourself with the most important concepts of targeted communication in the context of work and health. We address the specific aims and objectives that communicators have; the particular challenges that they face; the types of messages and channels they have at their disposal; as well as different ways of reconstructing, analyzing, evaluating, and designing effective messages. In doing so, we will apply insights from, amongst others, (health) communication theories, argumentation and persuasion research, and media communication. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Identify the fundamental concepts of communication in the context of health• Communicate occupational or organizational health topics to different stakeholders• Understand the essential drivers of behavior change

• Recognize and implement effective, persuasive communication strategies

• Distinguish between successful and unsuccessful argumentation and negotiation• Develop goal- and target-specific communication materials


• Fundamentals of communication and communication processes

• Drivers of behavior change

• Principles of negotiation, dispute resolution, and argumentation

• Strategic persuasion strategies

• Targeting and tailoring communication to stakeholders

• Risk communication• Communication design

• Source, message, and recipient factors

Dates and location

1– 4 March 2021 in Zurich

Registration Deadline

20 January 2021


CHF 2,720.–