C9: Biosafety

Module Description:


This course is equivalent to the official Biosafety level I course. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Work as a biosafety officer on level I

• Instruct lab workers on biosafety issues

• Manage contagious waste

• Manage contagious lab spills


• Fundamentals of biosafety and biosecurity

• BSO tasks in lab environments

• Working safely in a biosafety lab

• Sterilization and decontamination

• Personal protective equipment

• Biohazards and lab spills

Dates and location

new date: 04.06.2021, IWI Berne

(Institut f. Virologie u. Immunologie (IVI), Mittelhäusern-Bern)

Registration Deadline

9 May 2021


CHF 680.–