OH: Occupational Hygiene


This specialization is dedicated to all colleagues with a background in natural sciences and an interest in making work healthier and keeping health risks away from workers. Participating in our DAS Work+Health course will train you as a work and health specialist and give you skills you can share and apply with other work and health specialists for the benefit of the entire workplace.

What is Occupational Hygiene?

Occupational hygiene is the science of detecting and managing work-related health hazards. To be effective, the occupational hygienist is required to co-work with other specialists in the field of work and health, e.g. occupational physicians, toxicologists, and safety engineers. Common to all hygienists is a strategic, pragmatic, and goal-oriented approach in evaluation and intervention to manage health risks at work.

This includes

  • Surveying and monitoring new substances and deriving possible occupational health risks and safety procedures
  • Assessing actual exposures in employees’ daily work and taking proper action
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, including minimizing and eliminating work-related health hazards
  • Working together with other specialists in the field of work and health to maintain worker health

What are our DAS Work+Health graduates able to do after successful completion of the course?

  • Detect work-related health hazards and make required interventions
  • Assess the exposure to chemical, biological, and physical risk factors by on-site measurements and theoretical modeling
  • Control airborne hazards, evaluate ventilation systems, and develop effective ventilation and containment strategies
  • Assess chemical risks, initiate and conduct substitution processes
  • Work together with other specialists in the field of work and health, e.g. occupational physicians, occupational health managers, occupational nurse

Our aim

  • Keep health hazards away from workers
  • Substitute safe materials for hazardous substances wherever possible
  • Keep hazardous substances and other health hazards away from employees
  • Occupational hygienists, along with other work and health specialists, workers, and employers, working as a team to maintain and improve health at work

Our mission

Calling practitioners to join an interdisciplinary team to study work and health, share skills and expertise, and form a life-long partnership and network in the evaluation and prevention of occupational health hazards and work-related health problems.