OH5: Risk policy, management, and communication

Module Description:


Occupational hygiene specialists should understand human risk perception and risk behavior, legal boundary conditions for chemicals handling, and risk management.This course will introduce students to human risk perception, the applications of Swiss legalframework in work and health, and the training of workers in the application of safety rules.Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Apply current national and international regulatory systems (e.g. REACH, MSDS)

• Apply OEL values and substance documentation for further interpretation of measurement data

• Write risk assessment reports according to recipients’ expectations and regulations

• Communicate critical results to organizations and community («breaking bad news»


• Human risk perception and risk behavior

• Occupational safety legislation and compliance control

• Implications of OEL values and substance documentation

• Principles and legislation of risk assessment reports

• Communication and reporting

Dates and location

4 –7 October 2021 in Lausanne

Registration Deadline

30 August 2021


CHF 2,720.–