OM1: Occupational diseases and work-related health problems

Module Description:


Occupational diseases have a large variety of phenotypes and sometimes only become apparent several decades after actual exposure. In other cases, the association of work-related exposure and the development of clinical symptoms and diseases are not obvious at first glance. In this module, students learn to diagnose occupational diseases and recognize work-related health problems of individuals and groups.Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Diagnose frequent occupational diseases

• Know and apply the tools for determining occupational diseases and work-related health problems

• Deal with complex cases concerning occupational diseases and work-related health problems in individuals and groups


• Legal definitions

• Insurance conditions

• Making a diagnosis

• Most important occupational diseases

• Methods and instruments for data collection on health outcomes and exposure

• Outline and elements of written reports

Dates and location

27–29 April and 11–13 May 2020 in Zurich

Registration Deadline

16 March 2020


CHF 4,080.–