OM3: Prevention and control of occupational risks and diseases

Module Description:


This module will prepare you to prevent and control common occupational risks at the workplace. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

• Perform Biomonitoring

• Interpret risk analyses

• Develop programs to minimize and control risks

• Plan and perform the examination of specific risk groups, applying knowledge and best practice


• Biomonitoring

• Evaluation of driving ability

• Addiction

• Medical risk control and prevention measures

• Implementation of preventive and risk control measures

• Special groups (e.g. night and shift work, pregnant women, aging workers, travelers)

Dates and location

26–29 April 2021 in Lausanne

Module Manager: Dre. Veronica Turcu

Registration Deadline

17 March 2021


CHF 2 720.–