About the DAS Work+Health

The comprehensive, interdisciplinary DAS Work+Health conveys common knowledge and perspectives as well as specialized, transfer orientated approaches to work and health. The program combines high scientific academic standards and best practice methods with practical implementation in work settings. It links occupational health issues to management practices and the larger organizational context. Interdisciplinary collaboration is fostered by a broad range of shared modules and a final, interdisciplinary, transfer oriented group project.

Successful graduates do:

  • Evaluate and manage occupational exposures, health hazards and psychosocial factors
  • Evaluate and improve occupational environments and resources
  • Prevent work related diseases and promote resources and health at work
  • Steer participatory change processes and build organizational capacities for occupational health
  • Design and optimize working environments and systems with respect to safety, health and productivity
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams and implement specific theoretical knowledge as well as professional experience