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DAS Work+Health

Program 2024 - 26

The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Work+Health integrates the specializations Occupational Medicine (OM) and Occupational Hygiene (OH). The interdisciplinary DAS Work+Health program consists of both common modules and specialization modules. Please select one of these specializations on the basis of your educational and professional background and personal interest. As a DAS Work+Health student you have the privilege of taking additional modules of the other specialization without additional cost.

Please find below the grafical overview and you may also find the tabular module overview with detail information here:

Common modules (C1 to C10)

The generic topics and practical approaches of work and health are introduced in the common modules. The DAS Work+Health program emphasizes that you learn from and share your skills and knowledge with your colleagues through interdisciplinary group work, discussion rounds and case studies.

Common Modules

Specialization modules

In these modules, beside lectures and group work, you visit work sites in different companies to deepen your specific knowledge and train practical skills. The specializations of DAS Work+Health are:

Group project (C11)

In the concluding interdisciplinary group work of C11, you work independently with colleagues on a given project in the industry. Within this project you demonstrate readiness to take on work and health specialists’ responsibilities and work efficiently in interdisciplinary teams.

Module examination and assessment

To successfully pass a module, you have to successfully pass the module's preparatory homework (pre-assignment), actively participate during all campus lectures, do all the required readings and/or homework seriously and pass the exam. 


You may also participate in single modules. Only the first and the last C-module, C1 and C11, are reserved for the cohort 2024-26 / DAS in Work+Health. 

To register for single modules, simply fill in the application form. You may find the forms and admission criteria under How to apply.

Weiterführende Informationen

Deadline expires for the registration for the DAS in Work+Health 2024 - 26

You still may register for the program 2024 - 26. The deadline expires on December 20, 2023. 


DAS in Work+Health Program 2024 - 26