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DAS Work+Health

C11: Interdisciplinary group project

Module Description


You will investigate and work on a real-practice problem together with your colleagues from the other DAS Work+Health specialization and the company’s project owner. In this module, you will apply all you have learned so far, incorporating it into your interdisciplinary project. You will establish roles and responsibilities in your project group and make your project a success for you and the company concerned.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Translate customer needs and orders into a structured workplace analysis
  • Foster interdisciplinary cooperation and teamwork among occupational health specialists
  • Communicate assessment results and recommendations to different target groups and individuals


  • Introduction to interdisciplinary team work
  • Ethics and legal boundaries
  • Mindsets, skills and approaches of different teams
  • Team cooperation, coordination and leadership
  • Team-customer relationships and customer expectations
  • Development of project strategies
  • Practical independent group field work, communication and reporting

Dates and location

30-31 October 2023 in Berne; project work lasts until mid-February 2024


Included in the DAS Work+Health fee