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DAS Work+Health

C5: Occupational health in the context of organizations and society

Module Description


Organizational and societal factors have an impact on health at work. Understanding, evaluating and influencing these factors constitutes an important approach to promoting health at work and in organizations.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Apply relevant laws and ordinances correctly in occupational health practice
  • Evaluate specific work-associated health problems across population subgroups, sectors, industries and countries
  • Evaluate organizational functioning in order to integrate and develop occupational health activities
  • Monitor and deal with technological, legal, political, economic, environmental and social developments


  • Public health relevance of work-associated health problems
  • Inequality of health and disadvantaged socio-economic and socio-cultural groups
  • Health economics of selected health problems
  • Evidence-based argumentation and policy-making process
  • Involvement of stakeholders’ perspectives in organizational change
  • Ethics in work and health
  • Concepts of organizations and implications for organizational change processes
  • Role of management and leadership in organizations
  • Actors and players, laws and regulations (Switzerland, international)

Dates and location

29-30 August 2022 in Zurich

Registration Deadline

25 July 2022


CHF 1,360.–