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DAS Work+Health

OH4/OM4: Interdisciplinary disaster management

Module Description


Practical interdisciplinary disaster management. Students will learn and practice controlling and managing mid- to large-scale industrial accidents in collaboration with external partners.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Select and properly use the suitable PPE
  • Select, mobilize and cooperate with external partners, e.g. fire brigade troops, rescue troops, police, state government
  • Evaluate personal contamination and perform decontamination
  • Manage contagious lab spills


  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) including ventilation
  • Roles, resources and objectives of in- and external partners in managing industrial accidents
  • ABC hazards
  • Practical staff exercises on managing industrial accidents
  • Practical interdisciplinary exercises on responding to industrial accidents
  • Contamination and decontamination
  • Biohazards and lab spills

Dates and location

12-15 June 2023, location to be specified

Registration Deadline

05 May 2023


CHF 2,720.–