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DAS Work+Health

Overview of all modules 2022-24

Here you find a tabular overview of all modules listed in chronological order. Please click on the link for detailed information of the respective module.

A module introduces you to and trains you in a specific topic of work and health. Each module comprises of a preparatory homework called “pre-assignment”, a campus phase, as well as a concluding exam. Each module is provided by a module manager, who is in charge of the module's content, pre-assignment and exam.

Module examination and assessment

To successfully pass a module, you have to successfully pass the module's preparatory homework (pre-assignment), actively participate during all campus lectures, do all the required readings and/or homework seriously and pass the exam. 


Almost all the modules are open for external participants. The module C1 and C11 can be attended only by students, who registered for the whole DAS Work+Health program, therefore, they are not open to external participants.

To register for single modules, you are required to return the completely filled in form. You can find the forms and admission criteria under How to apply.


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Date & location

Module manager(s)

C1: Introduction to the field of work and health (1 ECTS)

C1 (PDF, 412 KB)

07.02.-09.02.2022 (Zurich)

Prof. Dr. med. MPH Holger Dressel,

Prof. Dr. David Vernez

C2: Determinants of occupational diseases and work-related health problems (2 ECTS)

C2 (PDF, 316 KB)

07.-10.03.2022 (Lausanne)

Prof. Dre. Irina Guseva Canu

OM1: Occupational diseases and work-related health problems (3 ECTS)

OM1 (PDF, 256 KB)

21.-23.03. / 04.–06.04.2022 (Zurich)

Prof. Dr. med. MPH Holger Dressel

OH1: Exposure-related health effects (2 ECTS)

OH1 (PDF, 319 KB)

28.03-01.04.2022 (Lausanne)

Dre. Aurélie Berthet

C3: Ergonomics (2 ECTS)

C3 (PDF, 250 KB)

02.-05.05.2022 (Zürich)

Sven Hoffmann

C4: Occupational toxicology + AHLS training course (2 ECTS)

C4 (PDF, 470 KB)

30.05.-02.06.2022 (Zurich) and 09.-10.06.2022 (Schwarzenburg)

Dre. Myriam Borgatta and Sven Hoffmann

C5: Occupational health in the context of organizations and society (1 ECTS)

C5 (PDF, 244 KB)

29.-30.08.2022 (Zurich)

Prof. Dr. Georg Bauer

C6: Human factors  (2 ECTS)

C6 (PDF, 235 KB)

26.-29.09.2022 (Zurich)

Sven Hoffmann

OH2: Exposure assessment and hazard recognition (3 ECTS)

OH2 (PDF, 344 KB)

31.10.-04.11.2022 / 14.-18.11.2022 (Lausanne)

PD Dre. Nancy Hopf, Prof. Dr. David Vernez

OM2: Work ability and return to work (2 ECTS)

OM2 (PDF, 265 KB)

07.-10.11.2022 (Lausanne)

Dr. med. Frédéric Régamey

C7: Occupational health interventions (2 ECTS)

C7 (PDF, 240 KB)

30.01.-02.02.2023 (Zurich)

Prof. Dr. Georg Bauer

C8: Health communication (2 ECTS)

C8 (PDF, 246 KB)

06.-09.03.2023 (Zurich)

Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schulz

OM3: Prevention and control of occupational risk and diseases (2 ECTS) OM3 (PDF, 266 KB) 24.-27.04.2023 (Lausanne)

Dre. med. Veronica Turcu

OH3: Control of the occupational environment (2 ECTS)

OH3 (PDF, 253 KB)

08.-11.05.2023 (Lausanne) 

Dr. Guillaume Suarez

OM4 / OH4:  Disaster management (1 ECTS)

OM4_OH4 (PDF, 401 KB)

12.-15.06.2023 (location to be specified)


Sven Hoffmann and Tom Hofmann

C9: Biosafety

C9 (PDF, 234 KB)

16.06.2023 (Berne, Institut f. Virologie u. Immunologie (IVI), Mittelhäusern-Bern)


Sven Hoffmann

C10: Evaluation of occupational health interventions (1 ECTS)

C10 (PDF, 245 KB)

28.-29.08.2023 (Zurich)

Dr. sc. Gregor Jenny

OM5: Management of health in organizations (2 ECTS)

OM5 (PDF, 257 KB)

25.-28.09.2023 (Zurich)

Prof. Dr. med. MPH Holger Dressel

OH5: Risk policy, management, and communication (2 ECTS)

OH5 (PDF, 249 KB)

02.-05.10.2023 (Lausanne)

Prof. Dr. David Vernez

C11: Interdisciplinary group project (5 ECTS)

C11 (PDF, 235 KB)

30.-31.10.2023 and until mid-February 2024 (Berne)

Sven Hoffmann